Falcons World - Wir kommen zu Ihnen

Getting to know birds of prey is a crucial experience for many people; often it is an initialization for a new passion. We can deliver insights into these a fascinating creatures and into their function in the ecological balance. We offer you the opportunity to experience it at first hand. This is how we want to arrange these so called "days of events" together, according to the motto:

Experiencing creatures of nature - seeing connections

We offer two ways to approach to this subject:

A day of events - A day at the falconer's

You can come to visit us. "A day at the falconer's" delivers insights into a professional falconer's job and can grant you a look behind the scenes. Together, we will experience how it is possible to cooperate with the "wild griffin," what it means to give the freedom to the bird and for it to come back to the falconer.

Together, we work in a small group so that it is easier to cooperate and we will make possible direct contact to these birds, such as feeding them on the fist or letting them fly freely. Afterwards, experiences can be shared and discussed while dining together. To remember this nice day, every visitor will receive a certificate and a picture as a memorial. This may be the day when a new falconer is born.

A day of events - We will come to you

Designed as group work, this offer is arranged completely differently, since it is only addressed to kindergartens, schools, and other educational facilities. We would also gladly come to nursing homes or particularly also to homes of the handicapped. However, it is not possible for us to present falconry as a show for parties anything of that sort.

On this day, we concentrate on the functionality of the ecological balance and our falcon's special function in it. Of course, we will also bring our falcons along, since we also want you to experience them as they are flying, and what it feels like to hold a falcon on your hand, or also to study their physique.

The presentation will be adjusted to the audience's demands; i.e. the presentation for kindergarteners will not be the same as the one for a high school class or for interested seniors. If you want to receive a first deeper impression of falcons in general and, in particular, falconry as a pleasant way of transferring knowledge, then you can book this event through our contact form.