Falcons World - Unternehmensphilosophie


Any interested observer who takes a look at the falcon scenery will notice that there is already a variety of offers for every falconry section on the market. However, what has not been implemented up to this point is an overall strategy to deal with the whole subject matter on a professional and and at the same time on a future-directed level. This is exactly where our company launches. The base of our actions is therefore:

All-embracing - professional - goal-oriented - modern

All-embracing means to serve anyone in any way that is significant for the subject areas within the general image of falconry; to give insights; to make inquiries in order to pass all of this information on to our clients for their personal advancement, but also to further the enhancements of falconry in general.

Professional means to incorporate all experience gathered over years of practical work to our clients' benefit. Furthermore, to find experts wherever they are needed and to incorporate them into the company in order to assure consistency. This is how we want to provide the best and to keep advancing.

Goal-oriented means to live and to unambiguously define falconry as a way of hunting, and to portray it as such during our labor for apprenticeships and advanced training, but also to public and especially in the face of politics. Falconry surely has a precise and practical usability, for example for animal repellents. But falconry is also hunting; this is the aspect that we will consistently convey.

Modern means to convey modern aspects with awareness of the uniqueness of this fascinating cooperation between animal and human; to see beyond one's own nose; to experience and try new possibilities. Many things still remain undiscovered - other things that have been discovered already can still be perfected. This is why sometimes it is necessary or also important to break fresh ground.

We work as an independent company, not as an association.

We follow politics and, through our connections, we consistently exert our influence. We make up our own opinions through consultation with falconers and other domestic and foreign experts who are at home in this special subject matter. Our attitude is unlimited for all subject matters of falconry and we do not exclude anyone. Wherever problems can be found is where we want solutions - not restrictions. That is an unmovable cornerstone of our job. We see it as our utmost duty to do everything to keep all aspects of modern falconry and also to win back lost terrain.

This is how we want to be understood

It will always be our goal to consistently keep anchoring falconry, to gain experience, to further real professionalism, and to tear down walls along with cobwebs. Ideological as well as cultural boundaries are passe - we operate in a cosmopolitan manner. This is the only way we want to be understood and to this extent we see ourselves as forerunners. The Falcons World project is characterized by the experience gained over the past years and has become absolutely essential as an independent institution