Falcons World - Trainingsmethoden

"How exactly do I have to do that?"

At this question, our advanced training will introduce the topic "methods of training." Within our training camp, skills to correctly and effectively train a falcon can be acquired. This is the basic requirement for real success in hunting.

Cooperatively, we work to acquire skills in

- Obedience training
- Lure flying training
- Dual lure flying training
- Balloon- and kite training

as a 2-day- or weekend course for a better feeling during the training.

What do we want to work for?

We experience different methods of training, their differences, similarities, their advantages and disadvantages. We will see and understand when and how to use which method and to what extend we can and should use them.

This course is a very suitable way to experience what things work, how they work, and in particular, how every participant is challenged to exercise and practice on their own. In this course, we will also talk about correct and incorrect behavior, and we will do anything that anyone will be able to go home even better and more confident in the different ways of training.