Falcons World - Praktische Falknerei

"You get my very best!"

During this training, Leo Mandlsperger will only guide you, and he will give "his very best," since he can offer what no one else can - more than five decades of practical experience in falconry.

We offer two separate weeks of training "learning by doing":

Complete handling of falcons in the training camp - training for falcons

Here, every participant can be part of our training camp for falcons. Among sweat, tears, weariness, and felicity, one can learn to bear, experience, and learn anything one has to know for a perfect training. A fundamental experience.


Hunting carrion crows, gray herons, or geese - practical exercise with falcons

Here it is all about the actual hunting. Participants can here join us hunting and experience preparation, hunting itself, and post-processing - everything that is important for and during practical operations. As a special service, we also offer professional support for the supervision of participants' own birds in order to lead them to success.

With these two practical parts of training, every participant can build up their personal skills for a successful falconry career. These weeks of training will leave a permanent effect on their practical experience. The most significant possibility, however, is that one can here gain first-hand experience under professional supervision. Nothing can replace this kind of experience.

Therefore, anyone who has passed these weeks of training will have made a lot of progress.