Falcons World - Leo

At the goal of perfection - Leo Mandlsperger

We all prefer progress to stagnancy. And this should also include perfecting skills. Are 50 years of practical experience enough in order to reach professional perfection? Indeed.

There are only few falconers that have become legends while they are still alive. Leo Mandlsperger is one of them. He is most likely one of the very best and has earned universal reputation even up to the deserts of Arabia. Through decades of first-hand experience in falconry with all ups and downs that belong to it, almost anything has been experienced. He had already flown Harris Hawks when others didn't even know that evolution had created this kind of bird. Anyone who experienced that one can also go swimming with falcons had astonished speechlessness written large in their face. Surely not anyone would come up with ideas like this.

"The waterside Indian" , who is not foreign to hardly any field; who can be brought to honest tears by some topics. He is a total work of art who is on a first-name basis with everybody, unhampered by barriers, in accordance with a fine tradition. Whoever meets him in the right outfit will believe to be in the Plains of North America. And the fact that he drives a Harley even is not surprising at second sight, since it is freedom that he loves. However, falconry has become the all-dominant factor in his life. Fortunately he has his wife Rita on his side, who supports him unconditionally, sometimes very noticeably. Hardly any other woman would go along with all of that like she does.

The journey to what he does right now was practical-logical: To offer perfect know-how and perfect equipment (by practice for practice) to anyone who is interested in whatever field of falconry. To accompany people from their very first steps with our griffins and falcons on to hunting in rain and mud or being sticky from sweat like hard candy. To let people have a share in his rich treasure of experience.

The fact that he can train falcons for the Arabians is a privilege, which he knows. And no one in the camps (which he has offered for a while now) who has heard his stories is going to want to miss that any more.

His vocation as a falconer has become his profession - he has become a professional falconer, head trainer and instructor. Falconry has become his internalized purpose of life. And even though he is a naturally happy and life-affirming man, there is one thing that we can notice about him: God help the man that comes between him and falconry, since all fun ends with him having to defend this love that has become a part of him.

This is how we experience this one-of-a-kind man, the lifeline of Leo Mandlsperger.