Falcons World - Leistungskatalog

Services for approval certificates that are offered by us include all subject areas concerning falcons and concerns of falconry in the Federal Republic of Germany. If there is need for additional legal advice, our expert team will also provide this service for you.
We guarantee that our legal opinions and certificates are comprehensible in every way and that they clearly and explicitly present valuation and its factors.

We concentrate on the following aspects

    Certificates for birds of prey

Judgment of birds of prey housing facilities
considering circumstances of husbandry and owner
  • Valuation certificates

Valuation of birds of prey considering all
parameters of relevance

This service explicitly also refers to the area of

  • Mediation

That is to say that we operate as mediators when it comes to disputes concerning husbandry and valuation of birds of prey. This service is to conduce to an agreement between two or several parties. Thereby, it is our task to advice all parties of the enforceability of specific opinions devoid of emotions and to procure solutions. Mediation is an eligible method to prevent judicial and thereby expensive disputes.

Legal opinions and valuations are particularly significant concerning

  • Death

  • Theft

  • Injury of birds

  • Regulatory confiscation

  • No or only partial serviceableness

and more of this kind.

Our services are available for

  • Courts

  • Agencies

  • Insurance companies

  • Private individuals

  • Businesses

Clearly structured way of proceeding

Only persons that have been familiar with this subject matter to all intents and purposes for many years and that act and/or used to act as an accountable figure in German falconry will issue these certificates. We guarantee a presentation of our statement and all before court and an eventual trial or at hearings by government agencies.

Our certificates are clearly structured and interpreted by reference to guidelines. They are constructed systematically and are logically comprehensible. The way of proceeding is continuously being updated and adjusted, since continuing development is in our interest also in this field.

Legal Notice

Any interference by a third party is excluded. We explicitly declare that we do not consider any kind of possible personal relations in our decisions. Attempts to exert influence will lead to challenge of a mandate and to notification of this issue. We also want to clarify that copyright infringements such as any kind of further use of data without references for the purpose of copy rights of developed schemata and benchmarks for own purposes is not admissible and will be prosecuted in any case by us and/or by assessors on our behalf. This data can be data collected by us or by our order or provided for us by a third party.