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Clinic Dr. Heike Reball


Since its foundation in 2006, specialized veterinary clinic Dr. Reball has focused on birds of pray and owls. The office is in the south of Munich, capital city of Bavaria. Dr. Heike Reball is a qualified person to contact for both falconers and breeders of birds of prey. Unique knowledge and special medical-technological equipment provide ideal conditions for great treatment results.

Occupational qualification

Dr. Heike Reball is a Veterinarian specializing in poultry, wild birds, migratory birds, and birds kept in zoos
Member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV)
Member of the "Deutsche Veterinärmedizinische Gesellschaft (DVG) Fachgruppe Vogel- und Exotenmedizin" (German Veterinary Association specialized in medicine of birds and exotic species)

Basic training and further advanced education

Dr. Reball implements newly gained knowledge about birds of prey and veterinary medicine. Furthermore, modern diagnostic procedures are used. Through studies of current specialist literature and constant participation in national and international conferences for advanced education, veterinary skills are constantly improving. Presentations and practical courses for falconers and owners of birds of prey complete their education and allow for fast, efficient reactions on diseases or emergencies.

Diagnosis, Prophylaxis, and Rehabilitation

Examinations of individual animals and animal population
Taking of samples for laboratory tests
X-ray examination
Endoscopy, laparoscopy, tracheoscopy, cloacoscopy, and much more

Inpatient treatment and accommodation

Orthopedics and treatment of fractures
Treatment of wounds

Laboratory tests

Chemical analysis of blood
Parasitological tests

Identification of birds (according to BArtSchV)

Electronical identification through transponders
Foot rings and craniograms or pedograms

Contact Information

Tierärztliche Fachpraxis Dr. med. vet. Heike Reball

Inselkammerstr. 1
82008 Unterhaching bei München

Telefon +4989 / 6120 88 05
Telefax +4989 / 6120 94 92
Notruf +49173 / 955 77 15