Falcons World - Falknerschein

"We give our very best!"

Holistic and perfect training - concentration on the essential

This succinct statement is Falcon-World's ambition for the falconry license. The acquirement of this license, which authorizes you to practice falconry, is a central field of the company's and at the same time it is a field that is very near to Leo Mandlsperger's heart. This is why he directs the training in person. In an inimitable way, he passes a maximum of practical knowledge on to all participants. The task of additional theoretical training will then be taken over by specialized experts.

The efficiency of this way of training has been perfectly proved by the success of the past participants. No less then 100% of all participants passed the examination ever since Leo Mandlsperger first started training in 2002.

And this is how we proceed:

5 days of practical training in the birds of prey camp: Handling birds of prey, training, feeding, housing of birds of prey, equipment, etc.

2 days of teaching of theoretical knowledge: Law, biology, wild species, hunting species, diseases, game treatment, etc.

1-day examination and questioning: Including discussion of correct and incorrect answers.

Perfectly prepared like this, every participant can take their exam without any worries and with a clear conscience. The exam is structured in a written, practical, and an oral part. As a matter of course, Leo Mandlsperger will there be present, even though the examination team always judges fair and correctly.

As a company, of course we are highly concerned of all our participants' best possible success.

A maximum of success for our participants also means a maximum of success for us, since only the success of our trainees can prove our training system. Therefore, of course we expect maximum effort and willingness to learn of our participants.

We view this training as a fundamental base for future success of the trainees. In our basic and advanced training program, this education is one brick of the wall, which can be added to by further courses and seminars also offered by us. We want to ensure that all of our participants grasp the basics so that they will be able to have a say through a holistic training. Therefore, let's all keep in mind that what we are talking about is nothing less than the art of hunting with birds of prey. And this is the art that we want to exercise ourselves in.