Falcons World - Deshalb Wir

After all, it is all about a clear differentiation:

What questions are on our minds?

Why are some other falconers more successful?
How can we make falconry available for many people?
How can we offer help and knowledge on a broad basis?

These basic questions are in the center of our thinking and acting. They are also the pivotal questions we use to approach all of our solutions.

10 reasons why we surely are different to others:

  1. Comprehensible quality of education and its realization
  2. We are a "one-stop shop" with specialists only
  3. Structured proceedings with clear guidelines
  4. Outstanding consultation services
  5. Actively practiced knowledge management
  6. Elaborate, all-embracing solutions
  7. Approved proficiency level
  8. Decades of experience
  9. Great network of experts
10. Sustainable assistance

Our vision for the future

We launched in order to redefine the world of falconry and to break new ground. We want to align traditional values with a modern spirit. We are firmly convinced that only a company can make this possible, because only such has to worry about meeting all requirements and achieve most progress in order to stay in business

Anything else is just plain theory without any practical background.