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Arabia - dreams

Arabia - what a country. Less a country really, it is a region, several countries. We know it through Lawrence.

Arabian falconry is proverbial and one-of-a-kind. It has consistently been a part if this area's culture and tradition. Passed on over generations, present in almost any family, particularly in dynasties.

Arabia's emirates even have their own falconry clinics, directed by a German, Dr. Margit Müller, who comes from Munich. She has been present there since 1993. Her decisions are the ones that will eventually lead to success or failure. Here, all of the transfigured dreams of falconry become reality.

Family member, not a symbol for social status

In earlier times, falcons have brought food for whole families. It has never been a symbol for social status, like it was for Europeans during the mediaeval time. This is the reason, why today falconry is present throughout all classes of population. Even nowadays, falcons are part of their families and therefore, people's concern for their falcons' well-being is very high. This attitude should be ideal to other countries and their citizens.

Back then, peregrines and Saker Falcons (Saker falcons can still be found today in Saudi Arabia) could still be found, but have now been replaced by hybrids, especially by crossings between gyrfalcons and peregrines. Today, more and more gyrfalcons are around, however, this species is notably sensitive to diseases. Besides that, big and bright peregrines are well appreciated, however, they are seen as stereotypical due to their behavior and requirements. There is no doubt, however, that hybrids are number one, since they combine ability and skill. Hybrids are performers.

Absurd price imaginations

The value of a completely healthy and fully trained falcon with perfectly defined appearance and specific size varies within higher four-digit numbers. However, especially in Germany, there are people that tend to have imaginations of absurd prices that go way beyond that. Even though there are exceptions for very special and rare falcons, of course, this belief of making the big money by pushing up the prices is just absurd, especially nowadays, where many kinds of crossings have come into existence, also in Arabian regions, partly even in very large numbers. Furthermore, sales without corresponding connections will hardly bring any perspectives of much success and payment. Let's just forget about the stories of all those enviers that instigate agencies and politicians. Moreover, compared to the high sales of camels and racehorses, the falcon market is pretty much insignificant.

Training for the sheiks

Leo Mandlsperger has the privilege of training falcons for Arabian sheiks. He is engaged as a so-called Chief Instructor and in a team, he prepares a specific number of presorted falcons for hunting in Arabia and Asia. It takes a long time to achieve this, and even though it is a very appealing task, the stress of taking responsibility for training the birds is always noticeably there.

Experiencing the training camp

Leo Mandlsperger also offers the possibility for individual persons to be part of this training camp on a daily basis. If you are interested, please contact him in person.